Beef Cheek @ 18.99 per pound. (1.91 lbs)


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Beef cheeks are a unique and flavorful cut of meat, perfect for slow-cooking dishes. They are known for their rich, beefy flavor and melt-in-your-mouth texture. The cheek muscles of the cow are well-exercised and contain a high amount of collagen. When cooked low and slow, the collagen in the beef cheeks breaks down, creating a rich, velvety sauce perfect for dipping bread or pouring over mashed potatoes.

Grass-fed beef is known for its high protein levels, healthy fats, and essential nutrients. Our beef cheeks are no exception and are great sources of many vitamins and minerals, including iron, zinc, and vitamin B12. Grass-fed beef is also lower in saturated fat and higher in omega-3 fatty acids than conventionally raised beef, which can help reduce inflammation in the body and lower the risk of heart disease.

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