Heart (1.48 to 1.80 lbs) @ 5.99 per pound


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If you’re looking for something different to take your cooking to the next level, beef heart might be the trick! This surprisingly versatile cut of meat is packed with essential nutrients and has an intense flavor for deliciously unique dishes. Not only is it lean and nutrient-dense, but also affordable – plus, it makes an excellent substitute for more expensive cuts of beef in recipes like chili and stew. It’s also great grilled quickly for tacos or even raw in sashimi-style dishes.
But there’s more! Beef heart contains protein, iron, zinc, selenium, magnesium, folate, and healthy fats. Humans have been enjoying heart and other offal forever. These nutrient-dense cuts are a great addition to any diet and an excellent ingredient for foodies exploring old traditions and new flavors. So why wait? Give beef heart a shot today for unbeatable taste and unbeatable nutrition!

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Weight 4 lbs
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