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Tender Cross Cattle Company
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Quarter Share Beef

Available end of October 2022

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A good sized Piedmontese/Angus cross will weigh 1200 to 1400 lbs (Live weight) which produces between 720 lbs to 880 lbs. Hanging weight.
Tender Cross Cattle Company charges $5.50 lb Hanging Weight
You also pay. A. Your % (1/4, 1/2, or all) of the $140 Slaughter Fee

B. Cutting & Wrapping your order at $1.10 lb Hanging Weight
800 lb Example
Share Hanging Weight Deposit

Whole Share 825 lbs $800

1/2 Share 412.50 lbs $400

1/4 Share 206.25 lbs $200
That works works out to approximately $8.21lb of the end product.

From Short Ribs to Tenderloin Steaks

*TENDER CROSS CATTLE COMPANY deposit on Quarters, Halves, or Whole Animals
1/4 Animal $200

1/2 Animal $400

Whole Animal $800

Deposit includes Slaughter Fee.