Whole Beef Share Deposit




Fill your freezer with local beef!

Cost is $5.75/lb hanging weight. Deposit is half of the estimated total. Remainder will be calculated when animal is harvested.

Our next harvest will be Guard, an 18-month old Black angus. He’s eaten alfalfa grass his whole life and has also been getting a grain blend for extra marbling since January 1.

Tender Cross mixes cuts from the front and rear of our animals when we sell half shares of beef in order to provide our customers with the biggest variety of cuts. We process each animal we harvest individually. Your entire half, including trim cuts like ground beef and stew meat, come from one animal. Our beef is aged, butchered, and vacuum packed just 20 miles from our farm.

Each whole beef includes a MINIMUM of…

  • TWO (2) 10 LB Brisket
  • TWO (2) 4 LB Tri-Tips
  • TWO (2) 3 LB Eyes of Chuck
  • EIGHT (8) Filet Mignon steaks
  • SIXTEEN (16) Ribeye steaks
  • TWELVE (12) New York steaks
  • TWENTY (20) Sirloin steaks
  • SIXTEEN (16) Eye of Round steaks
  • SIXTEEN (16) Top Round Steaks
  • EIGHT (8) 2 LB packages of Korean-style short ribs
  • FOUR (4) 2 LB Rump roast
  • TWELVE (12) 4 LB Chuck roasts
  • FORTY-EIGHT (48) 1 LB packages of stew meat
  • NINETY-SIX (96) 1 LB packages of ground beef

All amounts are minimums. These are the amounts we guarantee for each animal we harvest, but we aim to overdeliver.

All steaks are cut to a 1-inch thickness, except for the filet mignon which are cut 2-inches thick.

For customers purchasing a whole beef, custom cuts are available upon request.


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